Servant Leadership

Project and program leadership requires many talents, not just project processes, and tools!

Having a high percentage of projects never reaching their intended finish line implies that project leaders are failing, one way or other! We have heard a project’s success is due to the teams’ total collaboration, including the C-level. Yet, it is the project leader’s fault when a project collapses!

A program leader is the head of the team.
Hence a true Servant Leadership quality is required!

Servant LeadershipRegardless of the methodology or framework used to undertake a project/program, the leader’s service becomes the guiding light to many competing tasks and milestones! Instead of chasing team members to do their job, project leaders must coordinate teams’ deliverables to provide for customers’ needs!

To serve our talented teams and members to do their tasks, we empower them and provide their needed environment to do their work. Leaders shall make sure that there are no impediments on the performance path. We continuously clarify the goals and objectives of the program, so nobody on the team has any questions about the outcome of the program!

  • Servant Leader equips team members with all they need to deliver their tasks. It is not about chasing them to produce what they are experts at but making sure the environment is trusting, open, focused, and collaborative!
  • Servant Leaders build teams that provide business values, elevate return on investments (ROI), align with organizational goals, and shield the teams from external distractions (sponsors and business sides).

Our unique Servant Leaders are unlike any other organization! We have a pool of talented project leaders practicing and self-training servant leadership responsibilities. Our members, including our leadership, are ready to serve our partners when they need them. We are available full-time, part-time, or ad-hoc! We also continuously retrain our members to provide the best service to our partner organization.

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