Hands-on Collaboration of Technical Professionals!

Collabortion of Integrated SystemsComplex projects require agility, respect, building, learning, and adaptation.

Many great engineers and professionals hold award-winning degrees and certificates. I have trained scientists on how to run projects and programs successfully. Few of them even had written research papers on running successful projects to meet the stated objectives.

Having certificates and degrees will not do the tasks!  Degrees and certifications help us all to understand how things are processed and how we can collaboratively make things work. Development teams produce the final artifacts and deliverables. When you bring a group of cross-functional talents together, how do you: explain a complex project or product to them, align their mindset with similar goals and objectives, and help them work in collaboration to produce the final artifacts!

At one of our engagements with a leading online Fortune 50 enterprise, we had to coordinate a complex hardware-software international project. Our various talents and cross-functional developers were in South America, western Europe, eastern Europe, and Asia, and their headquarters in Silicon Valley.