Lean-Agile Scaled One Team At A Time

Managing Digital EconomyBuilding an Agile enterprise require scaled-level change management!

Enterprises and complex systems of organizations include many cross-functional leaders and talents. They work in different sectors of the organization and add multi-disciplined values. The talents’ time, material, and efforts are part of the organization’s budget (= money). Waste of these resources drags many enterprises to the point of organizational and financial brinks!

Many enterprises grow organically, and their leadership assumes their roles through organizational growth. The growth reaches a point of antipattern for the health of their organization, and then they think of educating their body of work with new frameworks, techniques, and ways of work!

There was one engagement where we provided training to a few teams at an IT organization.

We brought the learning experience to all levels of the organization, including their leadership. To get everyone on board and familiar with the language of the new ways of work, our training sessions involved at least one member of the leadership engaged. We then coached the team members to choose the frameworks that best suited them!

This empirical self-organizing approach created an environment of trust, respect, accountability, and adaptability.

With the implementation of various health radars and open-reporting dashboards, there will be a process of commitment and delivery. We will be able to measure and track the work progress and eliminate waste at every iteration cycle.

Building from the ground up with the total support of the leadership helped scaled-level change management with short feedback of adapting the best practices.