Career Coaching

Getting clear on your career purpose, getting the job you want, and getting ahead have never been harder than in today’s uncertain climate. The balance of power has shifted to employers, and if you’re using outdated career strategies that aren’t tailor-made for right now, you may be losing valuable time and career momentum.

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Career coaching is when a coach and an employee work one-on-one to help reach career goals and full potential. Career coaches help with professional goals, career planning, career changes, career advice, and other career decisions.

Career Coaching

Because every career journey is unique, a career coach personalizes their approach to fit their coachee. Every career journey is unique and requires personalized support.

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Our Career Training Program

Envision our coach as your trusted ally, collaborating to unlock your hidden potential, fuel your enthusiasm, and inspire you to define your professional ambitions. Together we will establish clear objectives, devise effective strategies, and take decisive steps to achieve a fulfilling work-life equilibrium. This is a genuine ‘partnership’ between the coach and you, our esteemed client, designed to empower you with the skills and confidence to navigate your career path.

We aim to assist individuals in crystallizing their ‘professional aspirations’ and articulating their values, interests, and career objectives. Our coaches offer deeply personalized support tailored to your unique needs to help you overcome obstacles, unearth your unique talents, and then guide you in taking tangible steps toward building a career that truly reflects ‘your vision’.

Additional Career Coaching offerings include but are not limited to:

Skills Interests Values Goals

“Skills, Interests, Values, and Goals”

Helping individuals identify their skills, interests, values, and goals

Career Paths

“Career paths and options”

Guiding and exploring different career paths and options


“Job search strategies”

Assisting with job search strategies (resume writing, interviewing, networking, etc.)

Career Plans and Actions

“Career Plans and Actions”

Developing personalized career plans and action steps

Career Feedback and Advice

“Career Feedback and Advice”

Offering feedback and advice on making career transitions

Confidence and Motivation

“Confidence and Motivation”

Building confidence and motivation to pursue desired professional pursuits

Work-life Balance

“Work-life Balance”

Addressing work-life balance and job satisfaction concerns

Resources and Tools

“Resources and Tools”

Providing resources and tools for professional development

Workplace Communication

“Workplace Communication”

Coaching on workplace communication, relationships, and politics

Career Crossroads

“Career Crossroads”

Supporting executives, entrepreneurs, and those facing career crossroads

Career Fulfillment

“Career Fulfillment”

Helping clients maximize their potential and achieve career fulfillment

Career Coaching

  • Standard Consultation

  • Premium Coaching

  1. 1 hour of coaching session over phone.$250/hour

  2. 3 hours of coaching session over phone (over 3 weeks).$480

  3. Resume and cover letter review.$300/hour

  1. Premium individual coaching (over 3 months).$3,000

  2. Half-day career advancement group workshop (up to 10 participants).$2,000

  3. Full-day leadership development seminar (up to 20 participants).$4,000

All prices are for one person unless otherwise noted.

After the first three hours of engagement, the outcome of the activities will determine whether to continue cooperating (i.e., until the career goal is achieved). Everyone’s journey is unique, and our pricing structure is designed to be flexible, ensuring you are always in control of your career development.

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All prices are for one person unless otherwise noted.

All packages include:

  • Pre-coaching assessment (30 minutes)

  • Customized curriculum based on individual needs

  • Access to proprietary career advancement tools and resources

  • Certificate of completion


  • 10% discount for upfront payment of the full package

  • 15% discount for organizations booking multiple coaching packages

Have questions about customizing a package for your specific needs, feel free to contact us.

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