Agile Teams & Talents

Many organizations are using various frameworks and methods of management to deal with their projects and programs. Cross-functional talents need to know the best way to collaborate!

A strict command and control approach is proven to be the root cause of many project failures!

Agile TeamsWhen was the last time our hiring managers deeply considered the Agile Manifesto, Principles, and Values?

These hands-on working agreements help not just nimble startups (even enterprises) to adopt various Agile frameworks to manage their projects and programs! This is how they capture more market share; satisfied customers/end users, appropriate working products to the market, and faster time to market, hence a higher return on their investment (ROI)!

We plan and create working sessions for our cross-functional Agile team members to learn collaboration in action! Regardless of the talent’s knowledge and experience, our team members approach every given task in the group, each taking their (expert) piece of the action! Our Agile talents analyze, plan, do, build, test, implement, and feed their learning back to their process to further optimist their collaborative approaches!

Our training focuses on guiding a team’s journey from startup to high-performance. Learning Outcomes emphasize self-awareness, self-management, and serving as a role model of Agile Values and Principles.

Our team workshops build key team skills for the digital age and new normal.

We help you launch highly effective Agile teams, a critical step on the way to becoming a truly Agile enterprise.

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Agile Team Training/Mentoring

We train and enable cross-functional teams to embrace agile principles and practices to iteratively deliver maximum value through high-performance collaboration and continuous improvement. Our training covers many key aspects such as:

Cross-Functional Teams

“Cross-Functional Teams”

“Enabling cross-functional teams” to deliver customers’ requests collaboratively using their talents and skillsets

Agile Principles and Practices

“Agile Principles and Practices”

“Embrace Agile Principles and Practices” by embracing beyond the process knowledge and deeply instilling true agility’s values, mindset, and behaviors

Iterative Delivery

“Iterative Delivery”

“Iteratively deliver maximum value” by emphasizing the core Agile mindset to target continually producing valuable, working product increments

High-Performance Collaboration

“High-Performance Collaboration”

“Through high-performance collaboration” by adopting the communication, coordination, cooperation, and team dynamics critical to success

Continuous Improvement

“Continuous Improvement”

“Continuous improvement” by encouraging the respect-inspect-and-adapt culture of relentless learning and optimization

Our Agile Team Training develops high-performing “Agile Teams” and cross-functional groups to effectively apply Agile mindset, principles, values, and concepts to collaboratively create customer-centric solutions through iterative value delivery and ongoing improvement. This comprehensive team learning required not “just do” agile practices but to fully embody and capitalize on the Agile mindset as a unified team.

Agile Team Training

  • 2-day workshop

  • 3-day workshop

  • Multi-day workshop

  • Customized workshops

  1. 2-Day Agile Fundamentals Workshop.$5,000

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  1. 3-Day Advanced Agile Team Workshop.$8,000

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  1. Multi-Day Agile Implementation Program.$14,000

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  1. Customized Agile Team Workshop.$8,000+

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All prices are for one person unless otherwise noted.

All training packages include:

  • Expert instruction from a certified Agile coach

  • Interactive learning experiences

  • Comprehensive training materials (digital and printed)

  • Tools and templates for immediate application

  • 30-day post-training email support

Additional Options:

  • Fee for each extra participant beyond the package limit$350

  • 2 hours follow-up online coaching session (per person)$450

  • Agile maturity assessment$2,000

Terms and Conditions:

  • Prices do not include trainer travel and accommodation (if required)

  • A 40% deposit is required to secure the booking, balance due 7 days before training

  • Cancellation: Full refund up to 21 days before, 50% refund up to 7 days before

  • A minimum of 5 participants is required for all workshops

Group Discounts:

  • 10% discount for booking two workshops within 4 months

  • 15% discount for booking three or more workshops within a year

Have questions about booking a training session or discuss customized options, feel free to contact us.

Agile Way of Working

Agile teams are small, entrepreneurial groups that solve complex problems quickly, boost time-to-market, improve customer responsiveness, and generate a host of other benefits.

Give your teams the skills they need to be successful.

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