Refund Policy

eSolutionLab, Inc. and its subsidiaries; Softinet, WebVertisers, and SelfWebsites (collectively called eSolutionLab) provide design, development and other services outlined on our websites based on customized agreements per project and per client. Either party (eSolutionLab or clients of eSolutionLab) may terminate any web design/development, web application development/integration, software development, e-Marketing/online marketing, or any consulting services. A written termination notice must be received prior to any project termination one month prior to the service termination. Customer agrees to pay eSolutionLab for all work and time completed to the point of termination. We reserve the right to determine the amount of work completed and with appropriate fees. If we determine any project, the payment for the work done by eSolutionLab is required and if no payment is received within 5 business days of the terminated project, then you are considered in default. If a customer defaults, the customer agrees to pay all attorney and collection agency fees, if necessary, during ANY collection process.

eSolutionLab, Inc. retains the copyright to all materials and documents developed by eSolutionLab team until any and all necessary fees (as determined by eSolutionLab, Inc.) are paid in full.